Tanning FAQ

How  does the tanning process work?
There are three components that make the tanning process work. UVB starts the tanning
process by stimulating the tanning cells to produce melanomas which contain melanin. UVA
darkens the melanin that has been produced, melanin needs a certain amount of oxygen to
facilitate the work that UVA performs. The third component, oxygen, comes from blood vessels
beneath the skin and outside the skin. The tanning process can be optimized through the use of
professional tanning lotions that contain nutrients for your tanning cells.

Why should I use lotion?
By using a lotion before you tan, your moisturized skin is able to soak up UV-Rays quicker,
healthier, and more efficiently, resulting in both a smarter and better tan. If you don’t use a lotion,
your skin actually reflects up to 40% of your rays, wasting up to 8 minutes of your tan! It is also
important to moisturize after you tan, to fully maximize your tanning benefits.

Why is eye wear so important?
Eye wear needs to be 100% UV protective and FDA approved. Not wearing eye wear can
cause permanent damage to your eyes, and must be worn during your entire tanning session.
Eye wear is available at Tanfastic to purchase.

How many time do I need to tan before I see results?
We recommend tanning 3-5 times in a row when you begin tanning. Once your base tan has
been achieved it will vary from person to person on your frequency.
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